• SMEStorage Windows Explorer

    by admin: This is moved here from a private support thread. An API Update caused an issue with uploading which has been resolved.

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    Started by admin

  • Problems connecting to Amazon S3

    by admin: A point made on a separate email support thread is worth reiterating here in the forums - when you are entering your Amazon S3 keys be careful that...

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    Started by admin

  • gmail file names

    by rheostaticsfan: So I've been playing with this a little bit. Is it possible to have the attached file names in the gmail storage match the file names as seen in...

    5 1,290

    Started by rheostaticsfan

  • Gmail question

    by JayB: Hi, I seem to be having an issue with my existing GMail account and being able to sync and post files through SMEStorage - any ideas what the problem...

    2 1,080

    Started by JayB

  • linking to a gmail account

    by rheostaticsfan: I am trying to follow your how to page on setting up to use gmail for cloud storage. I can't see how/where to enter my gmail information. In your...

    3 876

    Started by rheostaticsfan

  • Changing GMail Info

    by GoogleAppsUser: If I've already checked the "remember my info" on the GMail screen, is there a way to change it? What will happen if I change my GMail...

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    Started by GoogleAppsUser

  • Amazon S3

    by KevinBell: Hi, could you tell me when you are planning to let your users use any Amazon S3 Account ?

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    Started by KevinBell

  • GMail Sync Problem

    by GMailUser: When I try to use Gmail account I keep getting following error, Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in...

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    Started by GMailUser

  • Firefox Uploader problem

    by KenT: Hi, I've had some problems in the last couple of hours uploading files in the Firefox uploader. The file seems to upload but then does not seem to...

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    Started by KenT

  • Problems with file extensions with Safari

    by KenT: I'm having some issues with the Safari browser. If I download any Microsoft office files they download as .ppt.pot or .xls.xla or .doc.dot -...

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    Started by KenT

  • Twitter

    by CarlFreeman: I no longer seem to be getting Twitter messages - I checked my Twitter account and can not see any problem.

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    Started by CarlFreeman

  • Feature Request

    by SandraS: Hi, I've just started using the Business Groups feature of this which I really like - something that would be useful for what I do though would be an...

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    Started by SandraS

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