• Performance

    by gavinjb: Hi, I am starting to use SME on my Windows 7 PC, but have noticed that compared to other tools out there it seems to give very poor performance...

    2 1,367

    Started by gavinjb

  • DropBox Folders Not Appearing

    by micromaze: If I look at my dropbox folder I have a folder called PaperPort. If I go to MultiCloud Explorer and look at Cloud Files - My DropBox Files - ...

    3 1,823

    Started by micromaze

  • My own cloud

    by Shimmen: I have my own FTP server and would like to have iPad, iPhone, PC and MAC gain access. What do I need? Shimmen As allways there is a free...

    2 1,385

    Started by Shimmen

  • Encrypting files when syncing to a cloud storage

    by blade117runner: I have a question about encrypting files when syncing to a cloud storage using Windows Cloud Tool. Lets say I would like to sync my files using...

    1 1,456

    Started by blade117runner

  • Sync Center

    by prb238: Hi - I have a couple questions about the sync center. 1. When the sync center runs, it appears to randomly be unable to move some files up to the...

    8 1,891

    Started by prb238

  • Sync vs Backup

    by siech: Hi, I'm new to your software bust must say that I'm very pleased with what I've seen so far. Keep up the good work I do have some open questions...

    3 1,543

    Started by siech

  • Illegal tag name!

    by DrWolf: I'm using the windows cloud tool but so far have been unable to upload. I either get a message "Illegal Tag Name" or nothing happens. Any...

    3 1,090

    Started by DrWolf

  • Windows 7/64 bit

    by jaredscott: OK, so I have the new iPad app ismestorage and want to be able to use the windows cloud tools (esp. the virtual drive/sync features) but the online...

    6 1,491

    Started by jaredscott

  • Login Error

    by admin: If you are having an issue logging in with either the Windows explorer or the OpenOffice or MS Office plug-Ins then please check "save login...

    1 1,287

    Started by admin

  • Virtual Drive

    by scapps: Hello, If I buy the virtual drive program for some OS such as Windows can I then install it on all of my Windows machines or do I have to buy a...

    1 1,133

    Started by scapps

  • Questions

    by prb238: Hi - I just got on board with SME a couple days ago and have been testing the tools. I like what I see. I have configured SME to use my own FTP...

    2 1,093

    Started by prb238

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