I'm using the linux tools 4.0.8 under Lubuntu 13.10.
I'm encountering two problems with the sync center

1) Why can it sync only one folder pair? or how do I do it?

2) How do I reconfigure the sync center after the first run? the only way I found is to delete the configuration file.

If you want to change login, password, etc. then press button "Properties" (will be opened the same window that you seen on first start).

If you use free version then you can add up to 3 sync pair (Pro version doesn't have limits).
If you want to add new sync pair then press button "Add folder" (Sync pair can be removed by the button "Delete folder").

This buttons is on toolbar.
If you don't see this buttons then try to increase size of window.
I do not see any interface in the sync center, only an icon in the taskbar (not toolbar) which only notifies "syncing" status.
How do I bring on the user interface? launching the sync center will not bring up any interface once I configured it once. A task appears visible in the process list though.

It looks like you found a bug.
Please, run Sync Center via terminal by this command and send to me all that this command will write to the terminal:

Don't post it here. Send it to my email: Ihor AT Storage Made Easy Dot Com

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