Just found SMESync using 2G ram, 5G virtual while (trying to) sync
That's pretty unfriendly.
Can you tell me if this is normal? I would not expect a sync to use so much ram.
Click image for larger version - Name: Screen_shot_2011-09-26_at_2.37.42_AM.PNG, Views: 7, Size: 21.85 KB
Found machine catatonic today, SMSync 2.5G, 9.5G virtual again w/ There's only 2G of space used on - would be more efficient to just download it all into memory!

Please respond. This may make my investment in the lifetime business plan worthless if it continues (and is holding me off recommending the product to colleagues)

Also note that SMEFileSystemRW takes 6-10% of my CPU even when the drive is stopped. Admittedly it's an older system - 2.16 core 2 duo imac5,1 3gb ram, but nonetheless that's a lot of CPU for doing nothing,

I'm also getting notes during sync against google doc about files or folders being deleted when there is no such activity on google docs. Does SME correctly handle docs that are shared to me from others?
I think we'll need to understand more about your setup, the version you are using, and also some other user specific details. Could you email us at support and we'll work with you and post any findings here in any case.

I think maybe you are using an older version but just want to validate this with you.

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