When I move or delete files either in Windows Explorer on the mapped WebDav Drive, or in CLoud Explorer, the file will not delete.  In the case of moving, the file copies but the original file remains where it was in drive.  Is this a bug or a setting change?
Files are moved to Trash in the SME view when you delete. The are not removed from the underlying provider unless you empty the trash. You can change this behaviour by choosing to Turn off Trash from your DashBoard after web login.

If this does not solve your issue you should drop an email to support AT StorageMadeEasy Dot Com with:

- Your SME username
- The SME Access client and version
- The operating system and version
- The Cloud in question
- Any example of files or directories
- A full description of the issue with screenshots if relevant. We need to be able to check the logs for your account or re-create the issue so include as much information as possible.
Thanks for the help.  I'm wondering if there's a way to use the trash for deletes and not for moves?

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