Hello forum,

First, please excuse my english. It's not my first language.

I'm using a Mageia 2 KDE 4. I'm interested in auto syncing my cloud folders to local folders and I noticed that the SME Sync Center allows to choose schedule options. However, I guess I don't get how to select the options.

What I want : whenever I'm updating a file on my cloud folder or on my local folder (file created/edited/deleted), corresponding said file on the other folder should be updated too.

What I did : I've chosen the "Sync all" option and selected the "Every month", "Every day", "Every hour", "Every minute" option.

How I tested it : duplicated a file on my cloud and waited for it to be duplicated on my local folder too. Didn't happen.

I was able yesterday to upload files on my cloud. I did it the hard way (copy/pasting folders from my hard disk to the SME folder) and it works just fine. I just can't find how to set the auto sync.

I checked, my bandwith limit isn't reached yet. What can I do ?
Forgot to say thank you for your support. I apologize.
In Sync Center in Properties window is a button "View log". This button shows log of scheduler sync.
Press this button.
If you will see info about the sync then scheduler sync works. There can be errors if you don't have read/write permissions to some files or upload/download failed, etc.
If log will be clean then by some reason the scheduler sync doesn't work (probably, configuration is wrong).
Thanks for your answering.

Yesterday I synced manually my cloud folder and my local folder, hence the log was filled. I emptied it and waited for a moment, it stays empty. I guess I did some mistake configuring the schedule.

Please note that my bandwith limit isn't reached, I have 25 % more to spend, so I think the problem is local.

Do you have any other clue ?
Well, guess what... it seems to work now since my tests were conclusive.

Thanks everyone here !

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