I discovered SME recently and I find it very powerful and useful.
I use it with Fedora 19 64bit gnome. I looked around but I didn't find how to automatically launch SME client to get it mounted at startup.

Does anybody know a command to add to the startup manager to get this ?

Thanks for your support
Hi, please see our FAQ on Headless mount and see if this helps:

Thanks admn for your quick reply

I tested the command proposed in the FAQ in a terminal. Nothing happened ; at least I didn't get any volume mounted.

I am looking for a command to add to the Startup Application Preferences menu of Gnome. By adding smeclient as a command to execute at startup, I succeed to get a the SMEclient pop-up window at startup, with all the parameters set properly ( server, username, password, folder where to mount...). Then, I need to click on the Mount button and a disk icon will appear on my desktop : it is the SME drive mounted.

So, what I am looking for is potentially an option to add to the smeclient command to get the mount operation done automatically and the pop-up window closed automatically (actually, if everything is done automatically silently without opening the pop-up window, it will be even better).

thanks for your support.
It is need to insert the following command into a bash startup script (if you use EU server then host must be "eu.storagemadeeasy.com"):
su -c "smemount /path/to/folder login:yourPassword --server=\"storagemadeeasy.com\"" user

"user" - must be a login of your local user in Linux.

You can execute this command via terminal before adding to a bash startup script (of course need to unmount folder before this if it is mounted). If folder will be mounted then command is correct. This is needed to be sure that command is correct.

If you done this and it doesn't work then provide more info:
- What Linux distribution you are use?
- What server you are use (US - storagemadeeasy.com or EU - eu.storagemadeeasy.com)?
Hello all

here are some news.

In fact, it works using the following command :

smemount mylocalpath mysmeuser:mysmepasswd --server=servername

There is no need to add double quotes around the server name.

I added this command to the list of start-up instructions and it runs fine.

Then, last question : why do you suggest to run the command through su ?

Thanks for all your support.

Note : I use Fedora 19 64bit gnome distribution

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