This is something I would like to do.

Could I create a Google Document, and some how email it so that it can be saved here in your service.

I do not know if that makes sense, I know i can just download the doc to my desk top and the upload it to this site the usual way. But It would be neat, and faster to just keep it all web based.

Any ideas? -Matthew

Hi, if you are using the Google Email service then you can do exactly this. For example, lets say you create a document 'My.doc'. You are using a Google Email service for your storage called ''. If you email 'My.doc' to '', the next time you use all you have to do is resync your storage account so that we pull through the new meta data from GMail.

You can do this by going to 'My Account', choosing the 'Providers' tab and then locating the GMail provider and choosing 'synchronize'.

We hope this helps.

This is terrific news, thanks so much. I am really excited I found your service. I will tell everyone I know about it!

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