I installed Mac tools with the link that was given to me from support for Mountain Lion : http://storagemadeeasy.com/wiki/maccloudtools/?redirectedfromold=y#step21

Unfortunately I can't get the virtual drive to show, it won't sync the SME folder I setup for often syncing, and there is no menu bar icon as described in the docs.  I've stopped trying new things as something appears wrong.

The FUSE button shows correct FUSE installation.  I turned it OFF and ON again.  I just paid for the Personal Cloud service, fyi.

Please advise.
Your question is not clear to me so its hard to provide an answer. Sync and the drive are two different parts of the tools and you refer to them as being the same which they are not.

From the System preferences panel you can setup sync folder pairs (similar to dropbox sync) - see http://storagemadeeasy.com/wiki/maccloudtools/#step7

The drive is only activated if you turn it on from the system preferences - see http://storagemadeeasy.com/wiki/maccloudtools/#step4

It may be there is still a problem for you but I waned to go step through the basics first and perhaps you can give a screenshot or provide more detail if the above is already how you have it configured.

You are also entitled to email support using Support AT StorageMadeEasy DOT com which would be the quickest channel for you as a registered Personal Cloud user.

This issue was solved after direct contact with the customer. The culprit turned out to be Little Snitch which was blocking network connections on install of the SME Mac Tools.

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