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you guys are great
There is one absolutely outstanding thing about your service: your quick responses to user questions/concerns.

Thank you so much for making this easy.

gmail file names
Additionally, using the firefox add-on to upload files has resulted in many duplications of files, not just one being uploaded.

(Maybe it's the add-on that's messing with the filenames?)

gmail file names
The body of my email is

Here is file upl_48f62e5ef1ff9.jpg from SMEStorage

and the subject is the same.  And the attachment is


All this from an uploded file called 3_chignon_medley.jpg referred to as such in the file manager within the SMEStorage website.

gmail file names
So I've been playing with this a little bit.  Is it possible to have the attached file names in the gmail storage match the file names as seen in SEMStorage file manager?  And/or in the subject or body of the email?  The alphabet soup filenames make it practically impossible to use the gmail interface at all for locating files...
linking to a gmail account
Thank you!  That was what I intended.
linking to a gmail account
I am trying to follow your how to page on setting up to use gmail for cloud storage.  I can't see how/where to enter my gmail information.  In your example page on the right hand side under "welcome, user" there's an item for Gmail account. I don't have that item.

What do I do next?

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