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Gmail sync does not work for me
Some more questions please, what kind are the prices listed at http://www.smetube.com/smestorage/?p=uregister  ? Are they monthly, annually or one-time fee ? Do you plan to change the fee in the future ? I do not live in USA or Europe, can I register Amazon S3 ? What does "keys" mean when you mention about OpenS3 ?
Gmail sync does not work for me
What a great idea ! I almost forgot about the cloud storage service. According to you, which is better to use with SMEStorage, Amazon S3 or Mosso ? They are both cheap, but I am not sure about their quality and reliability. Could you please give me an advice ?
Gmail sync does not work for me
I think I will not use Gmail for as a storage anymore. I just found out these from Google Help :
Your use of the Gspace is against Gmail Terms of use 

Using third party software applications that interact with Gmail
directly violates the Terms of Use that all users must agree to before
creating a Gmail account. Google does not endorse any third party
applications meant to interact with Gmail, and we will not provide
support for them.
For more information, you can also check out Gmail's Program
use of Gspace can get your account lock.

GSpace is a third-party add-on that is a violation of the Google Terms of Service.  It is NOT supported by Google, and using it makes your 

GMail account subject to termination. We can't provide any help, and
neither can Google. It's possible that Google found a way to block
this kind of inappropriate use.

So there is not any guarantee about the safety of files stored on Gmail. Please tell me your viewpoint.
Gmail sync does not work for me
I have configured the gmail settings as you guided, it still not work. I wonder why you choose gmail as one of the default options for new registrations, but not Inbox.com or something else. In my oppinion, Gmail team do not like their service to be used as a storage service. There are problems everytime I try to use gmail to store my files (I have used Gspace, Gdrive, and now SMEStorage). I think you should replace Gmail by Inbox, as Gmail is not a good and reliable selection.
Gmail sync does not work for me
I sent a new file to my email for testing. After I pressed the synchronize button, it said :


All files are in place!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

No new files!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
All names are good!                                                                                

So my new file was not recognized by SMEStorage system. Please help me solve the problem.

By the way, could you please suggest another email provider that works with SMEStorage, better than Gmail and guide me how to use it ? I think Gmail has a lot of limitations, such as small max file size or limited bandwidth. I do not understand why lots of people prefer Gmail.

In addition, Does SMEStorage get any problem with files uploaded by Gspace ? Which is better to use, Gspace or Fireuploader ?


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