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PRISM / Patriot Act questions
This is becoming a ridiculous thread. You are not technical as you say and you are posting about something you simply "don't get".

Bottom line is that NSA's posting is not altruistic. It was meant to help secure US government federal agencies who use Linux. The guidelines / help is not an app' or something you install. They are simply guidelines that they have pulled from throughout the industry, and the industry has, and continues, to contribute to these. Not implementing them leaves Linux a darn site insecure as any Linux admin will tell you.

PRISM / Patriot Act questions
Good answer and good to know the flow and that as a vendor you are concerned about security (DropBox should take a lesson)

We use the NSA hardening guidelines for Linux ourselves.  They are recommended as part of best practice for Linux security everywhere. For example:

as recommended by Fedora for hardening Fedora
also incorporated and include by SUSE for hardening of SUSE Linux
recommended by Berkeley University as part of best practice for hardening Linux
Part of Oracle Linux hardening guidelines (PDF)

I could go on but you get the drift. These best practices are widely recognised and whatever you think of the NSA PRISM debacle they know how to secure stuff from attack.
SME creates duplicates of all files
I'm using the Linux Sync with Ubuntu 12.04 and SkyDrive, Box, and DropBox Clouds. I use the native Box, SkyDrive, and DropBox clients on Windows 7 and then sync my Linux with the same files for all 3 clouds and I don't get duplicate files, it works fine.
App Crashing when choosing Cloud Storage Provider
Wow, that was quick, and on a Saturday as well ! I have an account, but it wasn't a live mesh account. I've now registered for a SMEStorage Live Mesh Account, sync'd my files, and can access it through the iPhone, thanks. The only issue is I have to logout and then login with a different account for SkyDrive. I guess I need to upgrade to get past this restriction.
App Crashing when choosing Cloud Storage Provider
I just bought the App and I want to use App with Live Mesh but when I try and go into Cloud Storage Providers option, the App crashes, how do I select the Live Mesh Provider?
Using Rsync with Google Docs
I've been using the Mac Virtual Drive - nice piece of work guys - I think when you release this in GA it is going to be awesome !

Just a tip, the drive works really well from the Mac terminal. In fact you can even use rsync. To do this:

rsync -avx --progress /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/Users/<username>/d<path to doc> /Volumes/SMEFileSystemRW/<path to destination folder>

You need to ensure the destination folder is created before you do the resync though.

Free WebDav Provider I can use with SMEStorage
I'm looking for a free WebDav Provider that I can use with SMEStorage. I'd like at least 1 GB of free files - could you suggest any ?



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