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SME Desktop and "Make file public"
Is the next functional release already available ?
Outdated SME-Explorer
The "full-version" SME-Explorer (Windows) seems a bit outdated. Are there any plans to "refresh" it ?

SME Desktop and "Make file public"
I meant the SMEStorage Explorer, the window tool

SME Desktop and "Make file public"
Am I wrong or isn't there an option to make a file public with the SME Desktop ?
File Manager: Short description
Great, I think this belongs to all textfields of this editor, haven't used the extended description yet.
SkyDrive problems
I do have access problems to skydrive, too. I entered my skydrive credentials and received an error message "wrong access". I tried the file export function within my account at smestorage.com
File Manager: Short description
Adding a short description with German special characters scrambles the text into something weird: e.g. "Signiertes PAD-File fr0020005300630068ls00730065006c0076erwaltung TSObjektkey 2008". I think using UTF-8 encoding in those fields would be a great.

Individual Lifetime Cloud
Are there any additional paid tools in this package ?
Wordpress plugin: Widget
This is great. Thanks for your help...
File Manager
I think it is a nasty "bug". I can live with it as I know the workaround now, but you might consider making a bit more comfortable -)
Individual Lifetime Cloud
What do I get with the package "Individual Lifetime cloud" ?. Your webpage lacks a bit of details.

What about size of space ? What are the difference for the tools ? Is it just the connection to those mentioned services ?

File Manager
I think I got it by chance. 

The first folder below my Files has no name, it shows just an icon. On the right there is a small field which should contain the title, but it is empty. Its just a few pixel wide.

If you hit it right, it shows the files in the root.

Wordpress plugin: Widget
Thanks for your help. I found a solution which shows an RSS-Feed within a page. Its not really sufficient as I only see the whole list, but as a start it might be o.k.

A great help would be to have a RSS-Feed based or filtered by tags

File Manager
I think there might be a missunderstanding. I do have some files in the root directory of my account. I can't see them in the filemanager, I only see the files in other child directories.

And yes, I made some files from the folder doc visible to public and I can see them under public files.

Wordpress plugin: Widget
I would like to use the wordpress plugin to show my public files within my blogs. The widget works fine, but I would prefer to have the filelist on a page instead of a widget.

Is there any chance to place some php on a page to show such a filelist on a page ?



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