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SME Desktop and "Make file public"
What isthe diff between lite and registered versions ?
Individual Lifetime Cloud
a good question... with no answer :-(
I test the windows software
The file on this screenshot is "MediaCoder-"
Actually i'm trying to upload Fping.exe, the upload is very very long :-(
no other (errors or troubles) message details, no progress bar => very annoying :-(

"Uploading file... executing..." Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.............. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........................ 8:40pm here, time to sleep ^^

FYI i have added u on skype ^^

I test the windows software
ok, so i have an error now, i do not understand... see screenshot
Click image for larger version - Name: 1.PNG, Views: 21, Size: 48.98 KB
I test the windows software

I have 2 others questions:
- it seems all datas (even FTP) use your servers, can you me explain why ?
- you spoken of paid account and lifetime license, if i paid you 30$ i can use
your service/servers forever with all core softwares updates included ?
I test the windows software
Hum, i think i has not choosen the first time the default clud storage ?! actually it works well yep...

The only thing i'm not happy is the fact the software stops to upload (and DL ?) when a temporary DSL hang up :-( in other word crash recovery/resume is not implemented :-(

I test the windows software

oh what's a lazy forum ! pages takes a long time to be displayed :-(

I'm trying to test the windows software, this software seems in beta stage...
i have gmail + FTP module and i can see 3 files which has been already uploaded
i have tried with success to DL the file from gmail but i can not upload on gmail, neither
up & DL from my FTP server :-( "exectuting..." or "failed" messages

i have tried with a listen.pls (69 bytes), hope i hasn't overloaded the server ^^

we can not know where error(s)/trouble(s) exist :-(

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