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Drive letter with webdav
Thanks for the feedback. Im still able to use webdav using the "add a network place" feature in xp, but it wont map a drive letter. I also found a freeware called netdrive thats capable of using webdav to login to smestorage and it maps drives as well but seems buggy.

I googled around about webdav and your right about webdav being a pain with xp. I still have a couple questions though regarding its features and uses. I understand its secure functions but what other features does it have vs other network connections. Does it still need "shadowcopy" to a temp/cache folder?
Drive letter with webdav
Hello, I purchased the personal lifetime cloud package awhile back and Ive been using the windows cloud tools in windows xp. All the basic features works like the sync, explorer interegation and drive letter mapping with virtual disk. So recently I added the webdav service and I tried to map a drive letter this time using webdav but I get this error. Any suggestions?
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access files
To alsar,
Thanks for the idea, but itunes player doesn't allow podcast files to play unless there is a file (i.e .mp3) at the end of the link.

To admin,
Could you add itunes player to your firewall header? Also I have a lifetime paid user account. Do I have a streaming perk over free user account?

access files
I used the 32 character private link and created the playlist outside smestorage.com, I have no problem playing the first two to three songs but after those files, Im keep getting an error accessing the rest of the files. Seems like a host "timeout" issue and am not able to connect to smestorage.com. I have to flush my dns and wait for the smestorage page to load. Any suggestions?
access files
If you dont mind me asking, how do I create a unique file link? ... Also I understand the terms of use for files. Actually Im developing a site for a band and am storing it in account.
access files
I have a question regarding accessing my files. Do I have to be logged in and create a token to access files such as mp3. For example, I have an xml/rss playlist outside of smestorage.com, is there any way to access and the play the file without having to create a token for the specific file?
Monthly Bandwidth
Great, thanks for the quick reply. Ill post my order soon. Thanks.
Monthly Bandwidth
Greeting, Ive noticed smestorage has bandwidth limitations now. Does the Individual Lifetime Cloud have any limitations?
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