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SMEStorage logo from Ukraine appeared in my account?
All good, nothing to worry about I guess... it did make me a little uncomfortable knowing someone could put content in my folders though.

SMEStorage logo from Ukraine appeared in my account?
Hi, I noticed when I opened my iSMEStorage app in iPad last night that there were a few new files on there which I hadn't put there. They were images and the one I managed to view was an SMEStorage logo, another was called angel1.jpg or something like that. It listed the files origins as Kiev, Ukraine. The files have since disappeared.

But just now I got an alert on my Google Apps page (same account I have loaded for Google Docs with SMEStorage) alerting me to access of my account from a suspicious location... i.e. not from New Zealand where I'm based.

It lists it as coming from: Ukraine (sovam.net.ua: on November 2nd.

The fact it's the same location as the files which appeared in my Google Docs makes me think it's related and perhaps had something to do with the DNS changeover which also happened yesterday?

Should I be worried that my account is unsecure?

Copy to Webdav from Pages & Numbers on iPad - failing
Ah I see, thanks for the quick response I'll try later on

Copy to Webdav from Pages & Numbers on iPad - failing
Hi, I've just installed the iSMEStorage App for iPad, I'm using Google Docs thorough my Google Apps Account as main provider. I've purchased the cloudDav addon so I can access and edit documents in Pages & Numbers on the iPad.

Mostly seems to be working fine, i.e. I can download, edit files from iSMEStorage sent to Pages, Numbers etc. I've inserted https://webdav.smestorage.com as the server for WebDav access in Pages & Numbers so I can also download/edit direct in those applications too.

The problem I'm having is in sending the files back up. I choose 'copy to webdav', then select the file format (have tried them all), it brings up my iSMEStorage folders and having tried numerous ones including the files original location I get 'an error occurred. Please try again' when clicking copy (well it tries for a short while then fails).

I've tried numerous settings for the provider on the web panels but no difference.

Any help much appreciated, keen to get this working (especially now I've paid for the app and the addon

Cheers, Jon
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