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cannot connect to ftp in sme
Hi, how long does it normally take for support to reply as I have been waiting 2-3 days now? thanks
cannot connect to ftp in sme
Ok no worries I already logged a case over the Easter break. Will PM you the account ID just now for reference. Thanks
cannot connect to ftp in sme
..but same settings work with another 3rd party ftp tool so I know the settings cannot be wrong.

The company in question is UK2net with whom I have setup a new ftp account as part of my web hosting package..any ideas what is going on here please?

cannot see google docs files on iphone

For one reason or another all google docs had been deleted!! so I had to upload all again and now they are appearing on the iphone..sorted

cannot see google docs files on iphone
Per the subject...Only 1 file appears on the iphone app..

Have tried syncing and re-syncing through the website and the app it self which has not worked.

There must be a few hundred documents in google docs so its strange that I cannot get them to appear on the phone..

Any help much appreciated
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