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Strange behaviour, CloudDav with iWork on iPad
Thanks for replying to my message.

I think the .pages issue might be my computer not showing file extensions by default, because it seems to treat files with and without the extension as the same file.

I will sync the SME app before each iWork use. Usually if I want to edit a document on iPad, it is after working on it on my notebook. It only takes a few seconds to do I suppose and it should tie me over until iCloud. It's better than Dropdavs $5 per month fee :3

Thanks again

EDIT: Actually there was just one more question. I noticed that in one of my Dropbox folders (one that wasn't shared) an image file named "angle1" appeared and then disappeared a minute later. I couldn't really think of how this might have happened. Is "angel1" a test file used by SME when testing customer Dropboxes? Because no one else has access to that Dropbox folder.
Strange behaviour, CloudDav with iWork on iPad
Hi. So I bought the SME app for iPad to use CloudDav to link my Dropbox with iWork. It seems to be working, but there are a few odd things I have noticed so far. First, is when I added and uploaded files in my Dropbox folder in OS X, it appears in the Dropbox app on my iPad, but it doesn't appear in the CloudDav for Dropbox until I open and sync the iSMEStorage app (however when I upload from iWork to dropbox using CloudDav it seems to appear in my Dropbox straight away. So am I meant to open and sync the iSMEStorage app before using CloudDav with iWork on iPad each time I make changes to my Dropbox on another platform? This would sort of defeat the purpose to CloudDav, so I'm guessing I have a setting wrong or something, hopefully.

A second thing I have noticed is that the filename for any Pages files I edit is changed to add ".pages" at the end of it. Is this a quirk of CloudDav, or something that iWork always does when working with WebDav?

And finally each time I work with a file in iWork from my Dropbox using CloudDav (opening a document and then saving it back again), two extra documents are created on the root level of my dropbox with the same names as the file I dealt with. One seems to be a copy of the original file with a timestamp added to its file name and the other seems to be a copy of the document I saved over the original document with, with the same name but a different timestamp in the filename and it has ".pages" on the end of it. Am I supposed to delete the files and why were they even made in the first place?
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