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File Versioning/History
Thanks a lot for your answer.

So this function you mentioned does not exist yet in Mac Virtual Drive? We will have to request it and it has to be custom built for us?

Thanks in advance.
File Versioning/History
I am evaluating SMEStorage for business use. I need to be able to address this sync issue. 

If this issue is not answered, then I cannot recommend my company to use your product. So please respond to me ASAP how I can solve it.

File Versioning/History

I have been testing SMEStorage Mac Virtual Drive with my SkyDrive.

Every time I update a file, SMEStorage rename the old file with date and time appended to it. I know that this is a security feature in case the user wants to roll back to the old file.

However, it also causes other problems. For example, when I edit a large file, let's say 450MB file, SMEStorage creates another 450MB file in my SkyDrive which fills up my drive space very quickly.

My question to you is - how do I turn off this feature? I backup my computer regularly so I am not worried about recovering old files.

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