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Corrupted files
I've been using SMEStorage windows tool for a few weeks now, with scheduled sync every 10 minutes.

I recently discovered that quite a few files in my synced folders have become corrupted - all that's left of them is a 1 byte placeholder with the same name. Fortunately, I think I have those files backed up somewhere - but what the hell is happening here?

Mapping local folder for sync
Ah, that makes perfect sense (though perhaps not from a GUI point of view). Thank you.

I'm not sure if one usually tags a thread as resolved on these boards. If it's your practice to do so, let me know.
Mapping local folder for sync
I have a folder I've been syncing on another Ubuntu machine (it resides in my /home/[my-name]/Documents folder). Now that I installed the SMEStorage drive on a second machine, this folder appears in the Sync Center list of folders, but it's mapped to /home/[my-name]/My Sync (which is the primary sync folder on both those machines).

How can I change this mapping to choose where it should be synced to? Why does it attempt to sync it to a different location than that of the original folder? And is it possible to sync a folder to different locations on purpose (suppose I want it to be under 'Documents' in one computer but under 'Downloads' in another, for example).

Many thanks
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