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How to emulate dropbox workflow
Hi there,

Thanks you for taking the time to provide such a detailed explanation.

I can totally understand the concept of having the virtual drive as a "View only" I have the same situation, where we want to use the cloud drive as an archive for old, unused files.

I'd still really like to see a dropbox type feature, eg.

1. setup a folder to sync
2. automatically perform a sync each time a file is updated
3. easily invite other users to share this folder

We basically need to use this as a team drive becuase we have a geographically diverse team, but don't want to share all the files with everyone, since we only want each user to access the folders relating to the projects they are working on.

Thanks again for your response.


How to emulate dropbox workflow
Hi there,

Just trialing the business version of smestorage.

What I'm tyring to do is emulate dropbox workflow.

in other words:

1. have one folder that is synced with the cloud
2. everytime I update / change a file it is synchronised with the cloud instatly, automatically
3. share any sub folder / file with 1 or more specific users in the organisation, from windows explorer. eg. right click the file / folder and share it with the specific people.

Is this workflow possible with smestorage?

I'm not clear on a few things:

1. it seems any files placed in the network drive in windows 7 64 bit must be manually uploaded. is this correct? in other words there is no 'automatic' sync that occurs the moment I place the file in the network drive
2. Same situation for synched folders. The best I can seem to get with regards to auto syncing is 1 time per day. Is this correct? if I want to sync each time a file is changed I have to sync it manually?
3. There seems to be no sharing facility from windows shell. The only way to share is to open the control panel and do it from there. is there something I'm missing?

Looking forwards to your response.

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