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There's a firefox pugin?
Box now offer a sync client to free accounts. Its similar to dropbox, but a little more resource heavy.  I leave it off until I have stuff i want to archive, then dump it in the Box sync folder, fire up the client and let it do it's slow upload.  It's time consuming, but more reliable than any cloud to cloud solution, or browser based upload that I've tried (again down to my line quality).    I'm now using my Box space to archive photos etc, rather than an external USB drive.
There's a firefox pugin?
I wasn't having a go at SMEStorage :-)  Just replying to Byrnesc.

It's my bandwidth/line quality that seems to make browser based solutions unreliable or me. I get more reliable upload of large files using a native client  on my pc
There's a firefox pugin?
Thanks for taking the time to reply. I've abandoned SMEstorage, gladinet, otixo and the other cloud aggregator services I tried.  Anything requiring upload via the browser was too unreliable for me,- my bandwidth makes them more hassle than benefit. 
I have settled on box.com for longer term cloud backup and dropbox for day-to-day synching.
Transfer between clouds using Import / Export ?
I couldn't find anything in the wiki explaining what should be an obvious question

If I want to transfer files between my accounts I guess I need to buy the Export and Import add-ons.

To move files from Dropbox to Box.net do I need to Export from one acct and Import to the other? 

If I want to also copy files from say Amazon Cloud Drive to Box.net do I need to buy another copy of the Import/Export add-ons, or is one copy good for all accounts?

There's a firefox pugin?
There's a firefox pugin?
Really? What does it do?

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