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Can't sync
Hi there,

i'm trying to sync my colud folders with a new folder in my local hard disk and i'm unable.

I'm in Ubuntu 10.04 and the client is linux 3.06 version.

In SMEStorage Sync Center i just sign with my user and tried to sync. Nothing happends.

I've tried to add the folder i want to sync and i created the structure i have in smecloud. I have 3 providers (box, dropbox and skydrive). Onche i have this, i've added the folders with the + button and i've tried to sync again.

In that case seems to work but is not. I've tried just folder by folder starting witn box.net and i've only selected one file (i'm waisting my bandhwith doing test). This file is already in both places (cloud and local folder) so i guess nothing is gonna happend, however the sync client create a new folder in dropbox (MySyncs/My Box.Net/file.pdf).

Any help would be appreciated.

Can't Sync
Ok, seems to work fine. It's synchronizing right now. I will update you if something change.

Thanks a lot.

Can't Sync
Upsss, sorry.

Is in the Mac one. I'm using Mac OS X 10.6.8 and the SMEStorage client version is 1.30 (Dec 15 2011).

Can't Sync
Hi there, good evening.

Recently i discover this great tool, so i start to use in my computers. First in the job one (Ubuntu) without problems and later in home, in a Mac.

I download the trial version of the tools because i want to sync my clouds with my local folders. I follow the tutorial. Install macfuse, configure everything, etc ...

In the sync part i choose the folders i want to sync and pair each one with one folder of my HD. I'm using three clouds Dropbox, Box.net and Skydrive. Well, everything is done and correctly but ....

The sync does not work! I tried everything. Different local folders, different 'how often' but no way.

I can even see he sync icon in the tool bar.

SMEStorage looks a great great tool but if i can not sync seems to be a bit useful for me.

Can someone give me at least a clue?

Thanks in advance,

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