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Red light on Cloud
Yes writing from OO to the cloud. For some reason the files are stopping about 1/2 way thorough up load.

Now the SME Cloud and the Synch are 'flashing' constantly. They are black ( the dot disappeared when I cancelled the upload). Normally the synch only comes on ocassionally. Now constantly. Is that because system is writing constantly? Nothing green is showing.
Red light on Cloud
I have noticed today (when an upload froze about 6 times) that the SME Cloud and Synch symbol on my tool bar has a red dot behind the cloud.

What does that mean? How do I get rid of the dot?

If a file is half uploaded and freezes (then the red dot appears) what can you do to save the file?

Running Open Office on a Mac Air...

How to emulate dropbox workflow

We are in a bit of a dilemma here. One person is using a Mac and the virtual drive works like a dream for all types of files. Using it with Open Office is no problem a it will save any file easily.

The PC users are stumbling.. The text & spreadsheet) documents are easy to save using the toolbar, but the other applications (database in particular) do not have an option to save to the cloud.

Do you have a virtual Drive for Windows machines? If we are a paid lifetime organisation is the drive included? How do we get that build as noted above?

Open Office - Error code 53
I've paid up for the Mac Plug in (Cloud Tools) and the interface is seamless. Very cool.  My new favourite ap.
Open Office - Error code 53
Ah the answer is....

Mac's not supported on Open Office for the plugin. It is for the Windows machines. Somehow the whole Linux open source thing went sideways...

From Support...
OpenOffice is for Windows only, not Mac. WIth the Mac the professional version of our Cloud Tools enables you to just open files from the Cloud Drive and save them back so there is no need for the add-in.

Funny I run open office on a Mac.

Open Office - Error code 53
Hi all,

Not sure if this is the most correct location for the question, but seemed logical as the problem is a plugin related issue.

I have Open Office 3.3.0 which has an SME plugin for saving files directly to the cloud (in my case GDOCS). I have configured SME with GDOCS  as default cloud.  When I go to save a file in OO the message comes back : Error 53, Line 52. No amount of filing around has been able to let me upload directly from OO to the cloud.

I am on a Mac Air with OSX 10.7.3 I have even tried to run the progamme in 32 bit mode and it is not helping to remove the error.

Any ideas?

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