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Livedrive native support.
admin wrote: We have no plans to support LiveDrive right now, but if we see further demand then we will certainly re-asess

Hi, thanks.

I hope that there are more requests to integrate this provider.

Livedrive native support.

Is it possible to implement Livedrive as new cloud provider in SME?

I do not refer to using it across FTP or WebDav, is it possible to use it via API?


Two users uploading to the same provider.

I have an account with a cloud storage provider and I want to know if is possible to use it with two diferent users (each one with your own SMEStorage account).

I use a Personal Lifetime Cloud and the other user a free account.

I've tried creating a Group, inviting the other user and share with him a folder. I assigned (to the group and to the user) the permission to submit. The problem is that the user can't upload files to the group.

What am I doing bad?, Is it possible to do what I want?

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