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No SMEstorage on IOS app package?
Thank you,

I emailed support and they have fixed it. Now have SME storage and everything else working just great.

Thanks to all. Andy.
No SMEstorage on IOS app package?
Many thanks for the reply. I have tried what you suggest, but that option does not exist on my dashboard.

I originally signed up via the IOS app, which says that it allows 2 Cloud providers. I have already added 2 (Google and Dropbox) but it says that I am still entitled to 1 more. Not sure if that is relevant or not, but that's why I wondered if somehow I didn't have any SME storage enabled at all.

No SMEstorage on IOS app package?
Hi, I installed the IOS package on my iPad. All works perfectly, including cloud DAV. However, when I look at my Cloud providers, I can't see any SME storage. The free account on the web gives 5GB SME storage in addition to those you add yourself. Does the IOS package not offer this?

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