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Cloud Drive Error
Cloud Drive Error
2 Windows 10 PC's

Each PC running Avast Anti-virus products.

Each - Cloud drive version

Each giving the same error -

"Windows Can't Access This Disk

The sics might be corrupt.  Make sure that the disc uses a format that Windows recognizes.  If the disc is unformatted, you need to format it before using it."

For what it's worth; CloudDAV can mount and access my cloud providers.  Cloud Explorer is working fine too.
Virtual Drive
There is an about icon in the multicloud explorer at the lower right.  Click on that and it should tell you your version.
Virtual Drive
Well, I decided to give the windows tools a try again; specifically for the virtual drive.  Once again I am having issues.  First; I navigate to my drop box folder though the virtual drive, then attempt to create a new folder in drop box.  I get an error that says the folder already exists, however there is no "newfolder" in my drop box.  Next, I can paste a file into drop box but if I delete it in drop box the deletion never gets synced to drop box. For example - if I paste test.txt into drop box it show up in my drop box desk top folder.  However, if I use the virtual drive to move or delete it the virtual drive will show the file as moved or deleted however drop box will show it still in the same location.

I can honestly say that I have all but given up on the cloud tools for Win7...  
Virtual Drive
I installed the version of tools.  Attempted to upload files using Virtual Drive.  All seemed well.  However, I accidentally created a shortcut folder in one of the virtual drives folders and now I constantly get the following error:

Initializing upload
Failed: Folder with same name already exists.

I tried to reboot my machine as well and it will not go away.

Edit:  I tried uninstalling the windows tools and re-installing.  The error immediately returns when the network drive is activated.
Virtual Drive
Okay, disabled netbios and no change.  If I copy 5 files into a virtual drive folder 1 or 2 will upload the remainder will hang and say "uploading" or get to a certain percent say 27% indefinitely....  

Also, the message I spoke of earlier indicates the file is not found in the sme storage cache on my machine???  Is the tool looking for the file in the cached version of the virtual drive prior to uploading?
Virtual Drive
Okay.  Yes; the cloud explorer and CloudDav work accordingly.
Virtual Drive
I shut down norton; and the same issue exists.  BTW, the error message starts with *insert file path here* HTTP Request error : Not Found.

Virtual Drive
Yes; I am running Norton Internet Security.
Virtual Drive
Thanks, gave it a try just about as frustrating as before.  The drive doesn't have the disconnect issue when the computer "sleeps" but the uploading issues etc... are the same....  Actually in some instances no files get uploaded.  When the files are pasted into the virtual drive folder a pop up appears at the sme tray icon that shows a file not found error 404....

I should also mention that there are times now when the virtual drive will take up 75% or so of my processor for extended periods of time....
Virtual Drive
I tried the webdav drive and all worked accordingly.  So it looks as though my issue is solely with the virtual drive...  
Virtual Drive

Windows 7; 64-bit, tool version 4.6.29, under desktop integration it only gives me one option for "virtual drive".  I can try the webdav drive to see if I get the same type of performance.
Virtual Drive

I am having issues with the virtual drive windows tool.  When I place files in the drive folder some may be uploaded to smestorage but others will stall.  Also, the drive will frequently disappear from the windows explorer.  I then have to go into control panel, remove the virtual drive selection, close control panel.  Once complete I can then open control panel to reconnect the drive.

Another issue arises when my computer "sleeps".  When I wake the computer up I get a failed login message for the drive; but cannot log into the drive.  I have to deselect it etc...

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