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How to delete metadata?
What can I do if I had to remove the provider, and then I accidentally deleted the CloudSyncTask, which was to delete the metadata? I still see the space occupied without assignment to the (wrongly deleted) provider. My mistake, but I hope that there will be a solution.
Thank you.
[Solved] How to switch to https?
Solved! Thank You.
Problem was solved after reinstalling.
How to merge splitted files without SME web or SME application?

Its possible "offline" merge files splitted by SME web or SME application?

When i download all splitted parts direct from my cloud provider to another computer?



[Solved] How to switch to https?
Eset smart security
During all operations (upload, download from/to cloud) and login.

Tested on a second computer with a different firewall. Communication is still on port 80.
Not bring themselves SMEStorage application to communicate on port 443.
Other my applications communicate on port 443 without problems.
Windows 7 Professional with all updates.
[Solved] How to switch to https?
I am using SMEStorage Multi Cloud Windows Tools 4.6.29 for bussines.

When login, secure connection is checked.

When SMES MCWT run, I can see in my personal firewall that the connection run on unsecured port 80.


How I can use secure connection (port 443) with this app?
Yes, in Dashboard in SME web I have SSL mode active: ON.
No, I do not use WebDav client, I would like to use SME Multi Cloud Windows Tools.


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