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password requirement
Many thanks

never mind - I'll just stick to what I have and press return every time I open a file...
password requirement

Thank you - just installed the free version

Unless I'm missing something:

1. It does not attach files to an email - looks like it simply downloads them ... somewhere in TEMP 

2. Opening the file from windows explorer (SME Storage File) and making changes does not save any changes to the document in skydrive

unless the free version is severely restricted, this does not work like a network drive...

unless, as I said, I'm really missing something serious...

password requirement
Went through these but as Microsoft itself points out they are not really solutions...

Just that "the article covers the underlying problem without offering any specific approaches on how to contend with the issue." and,  "Currently there is no panacea" and, "In most cases, a compromise approach will be required"

all well and good but I cannot believe that all the vista and 7 users that use smestorage to map their skydrive are simply living with this...
password requirement
Many thanks for this

Doesn't really work: When you open a Word doc, it asks for credentials. Leave this open, click on a second Word doc, it does not. But when you close them both, the next one still asks for credentials.

This also works only on the same type of Office, ie Word and Word, Excel and Excel, etc. If you open a Word doc and then an Excel spreadsheet or PDF, it still asks for credentials the second time too

Any other thoughts ??
password requirement
Just checked and it opens pictures without asking for credentials...

No joy for excel, word, or pdfs...
password requirement
Many thanks

Followed everything but the article must be obsolete as once the hotfix is "run" it says that it does not apply to my system

Has everyone that uses Vista and 7 got the same problem ?? Or is it an smestorage issue ??
password requirement

In accordance with your own FAQ, credentials are required:


To use CloudDav once it is enabled for your account:

URL: https://webdav.storagemadeeasy.com *or* https://webdaveu.storagemadeEasy.com/ (EU Server)
Authentication: Your Storage Made Easy username or password


Hence, I'm not sure if your response (1) below is consistent with this (I can't imagine walking into a webdav interface with no credentials anyway...)

screenshot attached - incidentally, the above is the case in both Vista and 7

Thank you and look fwd to your response

password requirement

I recently mapped a skydrive acct via webdav to windows explorer

Everything works well but everytime I click on a file on windows explorer, a box appears requiring user/password details (the smestorage ones)

Whilst I entered them and tick the "remember" box, it continues to appear every time I click on a file, but now the box already has the user name and the password on it - I simply have to click OK

It's a bit annoying, so is there anyway for this box to stop appearing every time I open a file ???

Thank you
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