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admin wrote: A SME business cloud file server team account lets you change header and footer graphics. A SME dedicated hosted (on Linode) removes all SME related references and also allows you to change header and footer details but also we can give you CSS to customise look and feel also.

Is the "business cloud file server team account" the same as the "lifetime organisation cloud" as shown in your pricing?
Does the extension work for the EU site?
admin wrote: I'm not exactly sure what you mean, "try the extension" but if you mean are US and EU sites separate instances, yes they are. They are kept entirely separate and no user data (or any other data) is stored. This is for data legislation purposes.

When I click on the extension icon and complete my log in details I get this message

Unable to retrieve access token.
Please check your username and password are correct and retry

Not sure what I have done wrong.
admin wrote: Can you be more specific. What "header stuff" do you refer to?

Sorry, I was referring to the blue header with the links (but also thinking of the footer with the other links, eg pricing)

I am loving being able to share files with clients using the password feature but don't want them to be too confused by the links/header in case they worry that they have to sign up for something!
Is there a way to hide the header stuff when someone visits a link I have generated to a file?
Does the extension work for the EU site?
When I try the extension the log in details are not recognised so I suspect it is looking at the US site.  Would that be correct?
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