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Cloud Sync of specific folders
Any update on this issue?
Cloud Sync of specific folders

I know this topic has been discussed before - any idea when features allowing syncing of specific folders between cloud services be supported?

This means I can sync folder A from cloud A to cloud B, and folder A from cloud A to cloud C for example.

Integration to Zenfolio

I'm happy to be able to write something that'll allow one way sync of some photo folders from one cloud to Zenfolio.

Is there an API library for SME I can use?


Cloud to Cloud sync - Selected Folders

Is it possible to do cloud to cloud sync. of specific folders?

Ex: In Dropbox, I have a folder called "Photos".  I want to sync this with a folder called "Photos" in Google Drive. This means if new photos are added to Dropbox, it'll automatically sync to Google Drive.

I want to do this since I like Google+ photo sharing option, but want to maintain originals of my photos distinct from Google.


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