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Cloud Explorer or SME Storage Multi Cloud Explorer ?
I did it. I downloaded yesterday after paypal payment direct from my website a package. I did a new installation process with downloaded package but result is that i have installed Cloud Explorer. It works ok but I can't generate bit.ly short links (I can't see in the right click menu any function for short links against to SME Storage) . That is for me a problem. In SME Storage I can do it and that is so strange.

Downloaded package - SME Win Cloud Tools Full 5-2-11.zip
Is there any possibility to add sme forum to android app Tapatalk?
Cloud Explorer or SME Storage Multi Cloud Explorer ?
Does it means that If I bought a Windows Cloud Tools I am a still free user?
Cloud Explorer or SME Storage Multi Cloud Explorer ?

What is the real difference between Cloud Explorer and SME Storage Multi Cloud Explorer. First looks almost the same but in SME Multi Cloud Explorer icons Mail Backup and Sync Center are inactive but in Cloud Explorer are. In SME Storage MultiCloud Explorer I can generate bit.ly short links from right click menu but in Cloud Explorer I am not able. I bought only Windows Cloud Tools for SME Storage but I can login in every application successfully. It is very annoying switch between 2 apps only for generating a  bit.ly shortlinks.

Thanks for your help.
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