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Firefox 22.0
Hi. I installed the Firefox addon from http://eu.storagemadeeasy.com/clients_and_tools/#Integrations, choosing the version for latest Firefox (18.0), but mine is already 22.0. I installed it, restarted Firefox and nothing happened. There's no button, option... Is it me or it really doesn't work with non supported versions of Firefox?
How to work with smart folders
Hi. SME is great, but I don't get how to do something that would be very useful.

I want to connect multiple Skydrive accounts (7GB each) and have a folder on my Windows called "Texts", which is already bigger than 7GB, synced across these accounts. I understood this can be done through SME's smart folders, but I don't know what exactly should I do to implement it.

How can I setup a smart folder syncing with a local folder on my PC?
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