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Cloud Sync Deletes Local files if there is a connectivity issue during the sync rather than skipping them
I ran a set of syncs today and during the process at some point there was a connectivity issue - this was reported in the bottom line of the window as it occured. The action taken as a result was to delete the local files in the folders where the cloud folders could not be contacted. I would have expected the Cloud Sync to skip them instead and report the error at the end of the process?

Is this how it is designed to work or is this a bug?


Cloud Sync does not support network folders? Why Not?
This is causing me a problem as I use encryption software that creates a drive letter and shows the unencrypted files in folders in that drive letter. As some of the folders are on my LAN, windows classifies the whole drive as a network drive and so I can't use Cloud Sync for any of those folders, whether or not they are actually local or on the network.

Why have you limited Cloud Sync so that it will not work with network drives?


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