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Multiple Buckets for Backups

I saw an email come across but it just asked for more information.
It looks like one cpanel backup overwrote the others.
I'd like to use 2 different buckets for backups from these 2 hosts.
Is that possible with SME?

If not, how can i use folders to make sure these dont overrite.


Multiple Buckets for Backups
I backup files from two hosting accounts (2 separate WHM's at different hosting companies), and the files all go to my s3 account.

How should I set up SME to make this work with two different buckets, one bucket for each hosting account?

Can that be done?
File Folder Displays
I have real time updates set to on.
is there another setting i should try?

File Folder Displays

I use amazons3, and inside it my server creates a daily backup, so the folder structure looks like this:


In the ipad/iphone app, those folders show differently.

BUCKETNAME shows as its own folder, but has no daily backups in it.

Rather, those daily backup folders show as top level folders on their own.

Screenshot attached.

Is this correct?

Click image for larger version - Name: Screen_Shot_2013-08-10_at_10.03.48_AM.png, Views: 7, Size: 165.01 KB
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