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How to mount at startup automatically ?
Hello all

here are some news.

In fact, it works using the following command :

smemount mylocalpath mysmeuser:mysmepasswd --server=servername

There is no need to add double quotes around the server name.

I added this command to the list of start-up instructions and it runs fine.

Then, last question : why do you suggest to run the command through su ?

Thanks for all your support.

Note : I use Fedora 19 64bit gnome distribution
How to mount at startup automatically ?
Thanks admn for your quick reply

I tested the command proposed in the FAQ in a terminal. Nothing happened ; at least I didn't get any volume mounted.

I am looking for a command to add to the Startup Application Preferences menu of Gnome. By adding smeclient as a command to execute at startup, I succeed to get a the SMEclient pop-up window at startup, with all the parameters set properly ( server, username, password, folder where to mount...). Then, I need to click on the Mount button and a disk icon will appear on my desktop : it is the SME drive mounted.

So, what I am looking for is potentially an option to add to the smeclient command to get the mount operation done automatically and the pop-up window closed automatically (actually, if everything is done automatically silently without opening the pop-up window, it will be even better).

thanks for your support.
How to mount at startup automatically ?

I discovered SME recently and I find it very powerful and useful.
I use it with Fedora 19 64bit gnome. I looked around but I didn't find how to automatically launch SME client to get it mounted at startup.

Does anybody know a command to add to the startup manager to get this ?

Thanks for your support
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