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How to sync clouds ?
Ok thanks for the tip. I will add the blog to my reader and check it.
How to sync clouds ?
Thanks a lot for your answer. I wasn't aware of that solution and it could match with what I want except on one point : I would like only some folders (as a matter of fact, only one) to be backed up from one cloud to the other.

Is there a way to do this ?
How to sync clouds ?
Hello forum,

I'm using SME since a month approximately and I find it very useful. Thanks team, you rock. Please excuse my maybe poor english : it's not my first language.

I have a question for which I was not able to find an answer, neither in the FAQ, nor here. I'm actually using two cloud providers - SkyDrive and Google Drive. I'm wanting to set something so that, for example, a folder on SkyDrive would be automatically cloned on Google Drive. I could use my autosync client on my computer to do this, but I would like to know if there is an other solution which would work even if I'm not using my computer.

Any ideas ? Thanks a lot for your help.
How to auto sync ?
Well, guess what... it seems to work now since my tests were conclusive.

Thanks everyone here !
How to auto sync ?
Thanks for your answering.

Yesterday I synced manually my cloud folder and my local folder, hence the log was filled. I emptied it and waited for a moment, it stays empty. I guess I did some mistake configuring the schedule.

Please note that my bandwith limit isn't reached, I have 25 % more to spend, so I think the problem is local.

Do you have any other clue ?
How to auto sync ?
Forgot to say thank you for your support. I apologize.
How to auto sync ?
Hello forum,

First, please excuse my english. It's not my first language.

I'm using a Mageia 2 KDE 4. I'm interested in auto syncing my cloud folders to local folders and I noticed that the SME Sync Center allows to choose schedule options. However, I guess I don't get how to select the options.

What I want : whenever I'm updating a file on my cloud folder or on my local folder (file created/edited/deleted), corresponding said file on the other folder should be updated too.

What I did : I've chosen the "Sync all" option and selected the "Every month", "Every day", "Every hour", "Every minute" option.

How I tested it : duplicated a file on my cloud and waited for it to be duplicated on my local folder too. Didn't happen.

I was able yesterday to upload files on my cloud. I did it the hard way (copy/pasting folders from my hard disk to the SME folder) and it works just fine. I just can't find how to set the auto sync.

I checked, my bandwith limit isn't reached yet. What can I do ?
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