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I added 'FTP-as-a-Cloud' and cannot copy files FROM it
I will break the .tar.gz file down in my ftp folder on the other side, and copy them across that way. Thanks again.
I added 'FTP-as-a-Cloud' and cannot copy files FROM it
Ok, thanks for the quick response. I tried with a 2.8k file and worked as expected. I understand your situation. Thanks again.

PS I answered my own question, and am extracting them on the webhosting side, and will copy the individual folders over from there.

I added 'FTP-as-a-Cloud' and cannot copy files FROM it
I've added 'FTP-as-a-Cloud' service to my personal cloud, and the files show up in the tree that I called 'My HW FTP Files'. There are 2 files sync'd to it, from my web hosting site, and I use the Google Chrome Browser File Manager and left click and drag to a folder in a Copy.com cloud folder. It says its doing it, and after about 15 minutes, it says it didn't complete with that error. File is 2.5gb in size. I'll try a smaller file to see if it is hanging due to file size. 

I added 'FTP-as-a-Cloud' and cannot copy files FROM it
I've added 'FTP-as-a-Cloud' to my Personal Cloud service, and can attach to my web hosting service drive, and see files in the specific folder. When I try to use the SME web interface in Chrome, I can try to copy to another service, like Copy.com, but it always fails. Here is the error I get: Error copying file My HW FTP files/<insert file name here>.tar.gz. Upload was not completed. Can not upload file: wrong Copy.com API response. Try again.' I've tried locking the file, and also tried moving and get similar errors. Any ideas?
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