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I purchased SME Personal Cloud a year ago and payed the one time fee then. Now I'm in year two and I'm wondering if I'm required to buy the yearly $13.2 supportpackage to get new versions for the Linux Pro Cloud Tools packages if you release some in the future?

Regards P Ekholm
Linux file permissions

SME is working quite well on my Ubuntu 12.04 system. But is it the right behaviour that all files textfiles pdf:s programs etc. have the linux-permission 'rwxrwxrwx' in the mounted drive when i sync them through SME? That is for Dropbox, Google Drive, Ubuntu One and Skydrive. Skydrive can i think of because it is a Microsoft system but the others have no problem with linux file permissions native. It's a small problem but... If someone could explain.

Regards pelm
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