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S3 Uploads failing
I'm not sure I understand.  Our customer would buy a backup appliance from us and sign up for an account with you (whatever level they want) and the backup appliance would then be setup to replicate data to your service.
S3 Uploads failing
Yes we are trying to use your service to access other cloud storage sites using the S3 api as well as storage on your site.  We are developing software to replicate data from our backup NAS appliances to various cloud storage services.  S3 is one we have implemented already and when I saw your service I thought it might be perfect for us to recommend to our customers. 
S3 Uploads failing
I am using the Python SDK from Amazon (boto).
S3 Uploads failing
With simple PUT uploads using Python bota I get 'ETag from S3 did not match computed MD5'

With multipart uploads I get: 401 Authorization errors

Does this service work with the S3 api and Amazon's SDK's?

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