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Where download older version for OSX 10.6.8 Mac Snow Leopard

On your website you say OSX SL 10.6.8 is no longer supported, so I don't even dare to ask support question here.. but the installation works fine, I get both SME and Sync incon in the menu.


1. Sync icon never stops spinning. I checked log and it seems fine (see below, nothing suspicious)
2. The SME drive just doesn't show up in Finder. 
So the sync doesn't work.

Here is what I tried:
1. I checked Little Snitch, no issues, it shows SME is connecting and connected to the server, it shows downloaded some data. I even tried disabling LittleSnitch but no difference and there were no new connections. 
2. I didn't try anything as I don't see issues popping up. I checked for FUSE installation and it seems fine as well.

I wish I could get at least one thing working.

Where can I download an older version of SME, if that resolves the issue. Is the 1.3.6 version the previous version available for OSX 10.6.8 or is there version 2.0 out as well? I was able to download the 1.3.6 version but I check here first for other solutions before I start to mess around.


Another thing I checked:

I checked this forum here... but unfortunately you don't say what connection is required to it working with Little Snitch.

Here are my current open and active connections:

protocol:TCP port:443


Where: Library/PreferencePanes/SMEStorage.prefPane/Contents/Resources
protocol:TCP port:443


Log from the console - SME sync tool:

I replaced few strings for privacy reasons with XXXXX...

14-03-25 12:45 PM — Starting to synchronize "/My OneDrive (SkyDrive) files"
14-03-25 12:34 PM — Analyzing /My OneDrive (SkyDrive) files/XXXXXXXXXXXX
14-03-25 12:34 PM — Downloading File list from server...
14-03-25 12:33 PM — Resynchronizing folder with cloud
14-03-25 12:33 PM — Synchronizing /My OneDrive (SkyDrive) files with /Users/XXXXXXXX/XXXXXXXX
14-03-25 12:33 PM — Starting to synchronize "/My OneDrive (SkyDrive) files


PS: please don't just tell me to update my OSX. I can't right now. Thanks.

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