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WebDAV problem
NOT !!!

if I connect with WebDAV https://webdaveu.storagemadeEasy.com/ then I can see files which are on my US account on http://storagemadeeasy.com (there is the uploaded file, as I wrote and no SKYDRIVE).

But if I access http://eu.storagemadeeasy.com => I can't see the uploaded file but can see SKYDRIVE files.

(FYI - SKYDRIVE cloud is added only to EU account).

Do you finally understand ?!

WebDAV problem
Please read ones again and more carefully what I wrote.

I know, that US an EU are separated.

THAT IS WHY https://webdaveu.storagemadeEasy.com/ should access EU server


https://webdav.storagemadeEasy.com/ should access US server.

But it is not so.

https://webdaveu.storagemadeEasy.com/ access US server too.
WebDAV problem
The problem is not in my old account => not necessary to delete and recreate it.

I have found the bug:

As I had register for long time, I did no know there are EU servers too. So I have 2 registrations to US and EU servers.

The problem is, that
https://webdaveu.storagemadeEasy.com do not point to EU server (as it should), but to US server.

PLEASE correct this.

But - please - tell me what do you mean with "connectors" ?
Cloud providers, OS specific add ons/apps or what ?

WebDAV problem
username: kapetr

? what is SkyDrive Connector and how can I remove it ?
? what is OneDrive connector and why and how to add it ?

I have uploaded over SME allmost nothing at all all times. I begin to use this service first time after long time.
So => sure no limit problem.
WebDAV problem

When I connect to WebDAV https://webdaveu.storagemadeEasy.com/
I can see my folders:

My backups
My contact
My Quick Uploads
My sync

but I can't see folder

My SkyDrive files

=> I can't access my cloud files!  with WebDAV.

This folder is normal accessible with "Lite file manager" on web access to SME (http://eu.storagemadeeasy.com).


And second problem - when I upload file (e.g. to "My Quick Uplads" folder) with WebDAV - it seems to get OK.

But I can't see this file in this folder in "Lite file manager" on web. Even if I click refresh.


Notes: Free account, default provider: SkyDrive, the other one: SME

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