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sync to ftp provider limits to 1MB file size
I am trying to sync some files from a blackberry to SME and onto my own ftp provider service. The Sync runs and completes but any files over 1MB is size are truncated.
The ftp log on the provider service (my own NAS) shows that only 1MB was requested for the upload and that it completed successfully. I can see no error logged anywhere to indicate why these uploads are failing.
I did see some timeout stall messages on the ftp server, but I have increased the timeout and it has no effect, the uploads are completing but limited to 1MB. I suspect the blackberry end is limiting the file size.
If I upload a file to the SME file manager directly from another computer it will happily take large files and push them to the ftp provider, it's only the blackberry sync that has an issue.
Any ideas?
synced folder appears at top level
I thought this was a user forum, not a support request page which is why I didn't give chapter+verse on my specifics.
I can open a support request but I first wanted to find out if this was normal behavior by asking other users. I expect it is normal and I just didn't expect it.
synced folder appears at top level
I synced a folder of files from a mobile client and it's now appeared on SME at the very top level in the file browser. Is this normal?
I did also change the default storage provider during the sync, so some files were in different clouds but I don't think that caused it.
The files don't appear in the specific 'cloud files' sub-areas at all.

Any ideas? Is it possible to move it?
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