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WebDav and FTPS with box.com
The Box account established for me at work by campus IT does not support many third party apps.  Among other things, this means that I cannot use the standard OAuth authentication for a box.com cloud account to hook up to SME.  Work arounds are WebDav and FTP access.   Unfortunately, neither of these work perfectly.

WebDav would be a good choice, except that Box.com does not support maintaining modification time of files when connecting with with WebDav.

box.com does support mtime preservation when connecting with FTPS.  See 

All of this is background to say that SME's ftp connection does not yet provide the needed feature set to support keeping file timestamps in the same way that the native sync client would.  Other ftp clients (FileZilla, SmartFTP, lftp) support this feature.   

Is there any hope that SME's ftp feature set will be extended to allow file timestamp preservation?

First impressions / the good and bad
I will check out the latest cloud tools.  Thanks. I have had some back and forth with a trouble ticket regarding the date stamp issue, and first glance has the problems still remaining, but I will take a more careful look.   Then report back here.
First impressions / the good and bad
I was thrilled to find SME as a potential solution for pulling together cloud storage from many providers and for many projects.  

For the Linux Tools, here is what I have found:
  1. The sync tools is very, very slow, at least with a Google Gdrive account, compared to uploading folders via a browser while logged in to the GoogleApps account.  CPU and network use do not seem to be an issue (Gbit connection).  If there is a fast way to get files to the cloud via SME, I would like to know about it (e.g. upload to the SME AWS and then copy to Gdrive).
  2. Because SME does not touch content, only metadata, I would gather that sophisticated algorithms such as that used by rsync for only sending changed blocks, are not possible.  Only full file upload/download is possible.  
  3. I could not find documentation about how the sync tool determines whether a file is out of date or not.  Time stamps?   Upload of folders through Google's Gdrive GUI resulted in replacement of the modification date from the local file structure, which I need to maintain.  An SME sync after this direct upload would result in the entire file structure being downloaded, wiping out the correct modification dates for individual files.
  4. Very strange behavior with the Fuse-based virtual drive.  This has the promise of command line manipulation of the file system.  However, it behaved strangely, only revealing part of the file structure.  I would visit part of the file structure and recursively list (ls -lR)  and directories would show 0 entries, even through the cloud store has files in those locations.  If I  then go to the Sync tool and expand the structure to one of the directories that the virtual fuse mount  was empty, so the files contained there appear in  the GUI, then the virtual file system will recognize that there are files and show them.   I was hoping for something like occurs with Wuala, where the fuse-based files system shows in its entirety with a large persistent cache.  Local syncs are fast, and then slowly propagated to the cloud.  

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