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FTP Help - Curl Error
admin wrote: FTP is not misconfigured. We provide a CloudFTP virtual implementation over clouds. As such permissions to certain directories may not be available as may creating certain directories so this will very much depend on what the remote host is trying to do across the FTP and to what directory as indeed you may well get a permissions error dependent on what this operation is.

So is there a solution for that ? Because if not, i need a refund!
FTP Help - Curl Error
Found the issue:


FTP is misconfigured On your end! Please fix that!
FTP Help - Curl Error
No, host is set correctly... There must be another problem.
FTP Help - Curl Error
Hi there.

I purchased the Personal License just to use the feature to connect to Google Drive via FTP. With a normal Desktop-Client it works good. BUT:

I need to use that feature with my webserver and everytime i try to connect to the FTP-Server I get this error message:

Transport error: unable to create directory: Curl error: Access denied to remote resource

I really need your help on this because this has to work... Here are some users with the same issue:


Make sure that ftp user of your repository has permissions for:
change directory (cd)
list directory (ls)
create directory (mkdir)
remove directory (rmdir)
upload file (put)
download file (get)

May changing the ROOT directory for the FTP-Server directly into the Google Drive Folder fixes this issue? I don't know, but I just paid for this specific feature and it does not work for me so please help me to fix this...

Thank you.
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