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Why the 4gig limit?
Why do any files over 4 gig only show a max filesize of 3.99 gig in the cloud drive regardless of what cloud their stored on?
Google Drive Issue
It happens regardless of what OS I use to access the SME file explorer. Logging in from Windows via the web file explorer, or from the ios app, via ftp, even from ubuntu desktop. No matter where I log in from the SME explorer will only report a maximum file size of 4gb regardless of what cloud service said file is stored on.
Google Drive Issue
Anyone had any thoughts on this question?
Google Drive Issue
I was just wondering why when I access my Google Drive with any of the SME tools, any file over 4gb only displays a max size of 4gb? Now, if I download one of the files in question, they show the correct file size after my download completes. Any ideas?
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