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Virtual Drive issues-opening files
Thank you for responding.
I've emailed support and will work with them.

In response to your comments:
Wuala does use the latest versions of OSXFUSE (2.8.0). I update through the preferences control panel. I am using Office 2011 with all current updates installed. No antivirus.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Virtual Drive issues-opening files
I'll add that I have uninstalled Wuala, OSXFUSE, and SME software. I then tried to reinstall current SME version 3.3 software. No luck.

On the dashboard, I have tried turning on and off "real time refresh" and in the preferences pane I have tried to clear the virtual drive cache and checked the fuse installation. No luck there either.

I'm trying to use SME as a mounted hard drive that I can open and work on office files and then close and save. This doesn't seem seem to be reliable because when I open the file I can get any number of errors or blank/partial files.

Anything else to try before I give up?


Virtual Drive issues-opening files
You have a great product here. I am just trying to learn how to use it properly.
I uploaded some of our company files about a week ago for the first time. Most of our files are Word, Excel, PDF. 

My problem:
Opening Excel and sometimes Word files from within Virtual Drive seems to be giving me issues. I have had several that opened that were blank inside when they should not have been, sometimes I get a corrupted file message, and sometimes it is unable to recognize the file format of an excel file. If I access these same files from the web browser, all information is there and nothing is corrupted. I know the data is fine. The virtual drive doesn't seem to completely download the file before it is opened when it displays these messages.

I'm migrating over from the now defunct "Wuala" which used FUSE for OS X and a virtual mounted drive. FUSE was already installed. Wuala is also installed until I can completely transfer all the files.  I am not sure if this behavior is related to that or if there are specific settings I can use in SME to fix the problem. This is happening on several computers. I'm currently running a Mac Pro Yosemite 10.10.5 and Fuse 2.8.0

Anything I can try?

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