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Settings for FTPS
Thanks Igor, but it still lacks TLS settings.

In my tests I am able to connect with ftpeu:990 but it says 'TLS not available' and falls back to port 21, so I guess some TLS configurations is wrong from my side.

Thank you!
More detailed audit logs

are there more detailed logs with connection type/app used to connect?

I would like to know whether the user is using the web, an app, a FTP client and so on, and what kind of connection (FTP, FTPS,...). 

I would like to see also detailed connection information (IPs, ports, protocols, certificates...) for some connections.

Does that exist?

Thank you!
Settings for FTPS
Dear, could you please tell what server and settings should I use to send a file with FTPS? 

URL, port, TLS implicit/explicit/required and so on.

Thank you!
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