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FTP via MS SQL Server Agent Job
I tried using the Core FTP client. It worked great. Problem solved. Thanks Igor and
ElOtraDon for your assistance.
FTP via MS SQL Server Agent Job
Thanks for your reply. I removed the -a switch but got the same results. It appears to hang on the PUT command. The same thing happens when I use the PUT command at the command prompt.
FTP via MS SQL Server Agent Job
I have a SQL Server Agent Job whose purpose is to extract data from a database, massage it, create
an export file, and send the file via FTP to SME.  The FTP portion of the job is able to connect to
SME, log in, and execute some commands (e.g. cd, lcd) but can't Put (send) the file.

The FTP executed in SQL is: ftp ftp -a -n -d -s[biggrin]:\exports\FindingRover\ftpcmd.txt

The FTP command text file (ftpcmd.txt) look something like this:

open ftp.StorageMadeEasy.com

Within a few seconds the Put command returns:

PORT 0,0,0,0,16,63
Connection closed by remote host.

I can FTP the file using FileZilla and Core FTP with no trouble.

I tried to FTP from a Windows 7 command line but it doesn't work.  These messages are displayed
following the Put command:

200 Command okay.
150 File status okay; about to open data connection

The process never completes.

We've successfully used a similar SQL Agent process to send files to other FTP sites with no trouble.

Any insights, help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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