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How to Tag or Write Description for SHARED Workspace Files/Folders
Looks like there's no way for a user in a group workspace to search shared files (at least not by using the search functions on the web interface). I tried adding a pre-fix to several files. I'm able to search and find files with that prefix. However, when a workspace user searches for that prefix, the files can't be found. The only option that works is by selecting files then searching. But that is very time consuming and ridiculous if you are sharing a significant amount (i.e. 100) of folders. 
How to Tag or Write Description for SHARED Workspace Files/Folders
When I (admin) tag shared files (files shared via Group Workspaces), the users that I share the files with can see the tags for the individual files. However, when they search for the tag, the search results show nothing. The tag can't be found. However, when I search for the tag, I can see all files with that tag. Is this normal?

What can I do to categorize or add details about several files so that shared users can search by that categorizing information and find all the designated files? I know I can change all the file names to start with a certain pre-fix, but I'd have to change a lot of file names to accommodate this method. Is there anything else I can do similar to tagging? 

Please note, I'm trying to search by using the web-based application. 
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